The Stevenson School provides a warm and welcoming program where students experience success and once again begin to take the risks that make learning exciting.

"The faculty took a personal interest in finding out who I was, what I was interested in, and what I needed to succeed . . . the skills and confidence I took away from the experience continue to shape my life."


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Structured For Success

Stevenson serves bright underachieving adolescents who have been unable to negotiate the academic, social and emotional pressures of the typical school environment.


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The Stevenson Book Drive has been extended through December 10th! Please use this link to shop for our book wish list. When...

Stevenson Introduces Girls Basketball Coach

Stevenson Introduces Girls Basketball Coach

On November 12, 2014, history teacher Jose Sanchez was named as the new Head Coach of the girls’ basketball team. Jose has managed the RLS Softball team since...

Songwriting Class Visits Recording Studio

Songwriting Class Visits Recording Studio

Rebecca’s songwriting class visited a recording studio downtown, owned by the band Shinobi Ninja. The class got to watch the technicians set up the headphones,...


RLS Second in Metro League Soccer

RLS played Summit High School in Flushing, Queens on a windy and partly cloudy day. We started the game and about halfway through the first half I scored. Then...