The Stevenson School provides a warm and welcoming program where students experience success and once again begin to take the risks that make learning exciting.

"The faculty took a personal interest in finding out who I was, what I was interested in and what I needed to succeed . . . the skills and confidence I took away from the experience continue to shape my life."


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Structured For Success

Stevenson serves bright underachieving adolescents who have been unable to negotiate the academic, social and emotional pressures of the typical school environment.


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Restoring Hope During Adolescent Crises

Please join us for an evening of networking and panel discussion. Date: April 3, 2014 Time: 6:30-8:00 PM Place: Robert Louis Stevenson School, 24 West 74th Street,...


The Dean Muses on a Basketball Championship

Take two teachers. Not just any teachers, but two teachers whose roles are both those of teacher and counselor and whose school (again not just any school) provides...

Clinical Director Appointed

Clinical Director Appointed

Dr. Lana Farina has recently joined Stevenson as the new Clinical Director. Dr. Farina has a long history of working with children and adolescents in a range of...


Stevenson Senior Gives TED Talk

One of Stevenson’s own seniors, Dante Natarelli, was invited to give a TED Talk in October 2013 in Hoboken, NJ, about his work with youngsters on the autism spectrum....

New Learning Specialist at Stevenson

New Learning Specialist at Stevenson

Jenny Kager, a veteran English teacher at Stevenson, has been appointed the school’s learning specialist. Jenny hails from Wisconsin, where she taught English...